Supporto. Ally

Alleato. Creatura.

Costi: 1.
Icone Abilità:
Salute: 1. Sanità Mentale: –.

Scarta il Gatto Randagio: Eludi automaticamente un nemico non Elite nel tuo luogo.

Non veniva mai quando lo chiamavi. Sembrava che avesse sempre qualche suo piano personale da portare avanti.
Stephen Somers
Scatola Base #76.
Gatto Randagio
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • You can use Stray Cat to evade an enemy that you're not engaged with.
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At first glance the gloomy Stray Cat seems like a premeditated evade which is not particularly great, but there are some nifty tricks you can do on your turn:

  1. Exhaust enemies who ready in the Enemy phase. There's a free action player window (between Step 3.2 and 3.3) just before enemies attack, so simply discard the Stray Cat to exhaust them.
  2. Exhaust enemies who are engaged with other investigators at your location. Handy to bail them out when you don't have the actions to spare to engage and evade that enemy.
  3. As a bonus, combo Stray Cat's evade with cards that have the same triggering condition: Close Call, Pickpocketing


  • Guaranteed evade. This can save you many conventional evasion attempts if the enemy is quicker than you.
  • Activated with a free action. You don't lose an action, you only pay for it upfront by playing Stray Cat.
  • Decent install cost.
  • You should combo Stray Cat with other cards to maximize it's value: Sneak Attack, Close Call, Pickpocketing.
  • If William Yorick finds himself engaged with two non-elite enemies, he can kill the weak one, recur Stray Cat with his ability and use Stray Cat's free action to evade the big baddie.


  • Does not work on nasty Elite enemies that you really want to exhaust.
  • One-time effect only. Hardly worth on it's own, until you know of a certain enemy you want to avoid. In this case it could easily be swapped in with Adaptable.
  • Occupies the Ally slot. You know the darling who wants to take her place! Are you willing to pay 3xp (Charisma) for the company of cat and boyfriend?
  • All current survivors have an Agility base value of 3, which is sufficient against most threats.


Instantly parley spoiler on the Midnight Masks scenario.

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