Costi: –. XP: 3.
Icone Abilità:

Gioca la Memoria Eidetica come copia esatta (compreso il costo in risorse) di un evento Intuizione nella pila degli scarti di un qualsiasi investigatore. Rimuovi quell'evento dal gioco. Rimuovi la Memoria Eidetica dal gioco invece di scartarla.

Maggie Ivy
La Cupa Carcosa #306.
Memoria Eidetica
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Lola Hayes, while she obviously must be to play Eidetic Memory, does she also need to be in the same faction as the card being played as "exact copy"? For example, can Lola Hayes use Eidetic Memory to play Sure Gamble ()? A: Unfortunately, Lola could not use Eidetic Memory to play a card from a class other than . She must be in the role in order to play Eidetic Memory, but she must also be in the corresponding role for the chosen insight event, since she is playing Eidetic Memory as an exact copy of that card (including its class). As a result, the chosen insight event must either be Seeker or neutral in order for Lola to play Eidetic Memory as a copy of it.

  • Q: Can Eidetic Memory be used to copy signature events with the Insight trait? For example, could Lola copy Roland's Mysteries Remain (if it was in his discard pile)? We noticed the current FAQ only references control: "An investigator cannot control another investigator’s signature cards." A: Yes, although it’s worth noting that Mysteries Remain removes itself from the game when played, so it will only end up in the discard pile if it is discarded through some other means.
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If you are seeker, you have a lot of great targets for this card.

Really, this card is probably worth a look if you are anyone who isn't splashing heavy on survivor. It is so freaking good.

Yeah, not much else to say. Play it if you are event heavy seeker and don't look back. Play it if you have allys with insight events. Or play it for both. Just do it.

Myriad · 717
Some highlight Insight cards: Cryptic Research, Deciphered Reality, Mysteries Remain, No Stone Unturned, Shortcut, to name a few. Might be best as a, "I need a second copy of this card right now" card. — SGPrometheus · 250
Wouldn't copying Cryptic Research, cost you ALOT of XP, since both Eidetic Memory and the card you are copying are removed from the game. Copying a Cryptic Research would end up costing you 7XP (3 for Eidetic Memory and 4 for Cryptic Research) — Daerthalus · 5
"removed from the game" is not "exiled." Both Eidetic memory and the card you copy remain in your deck, you just can't use them for the rest of the scenario. — SGPrometheus · 250

Altough Lola cannot use it for other classes, her signature card Improvisation) is also an insight so it increases the number of times her signature cards can be used.

Because she has 2 instances of her signature card you can use 2 Eidetic memories despite removing them from the game.

vidinufi · 33
Hey that's an idea! And looking through the list of investigator specific insight cards and ignoring ones that likely won't end up in the discard pile (i.e. Dark Insight, Mysteries Remain, Occult Evidence, and Unsolved Case), you're left with Lola's Improvisation, but also Rex's Search for the Truth, another strong contender for Eidetic Memory. — Lucaxiom · 1878