Icone Abilità:

Finché controlli 2 o meno supporti Oggetto, la Sana e Robusta Costituzione ottiene ( finché invece controlli 1 o meno supporti Oggetto).

Anna Steinbauer
The Circle Undone #38.
Sana e Robusta Costituzione
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does this skill work in combination with the ally Yaotl (which has an ability that gives you skill boost based on the number of matching icons on the top card of your discard pile)? A: The abilities on skill cards are only active while they are being committed to a skill test, unless otherwise specified. In this case Able Bodied will only have its printed icons while it is in your discard pile, hand, or any other state other than while it is being committed to a skill test. (This includes an effect that says something like "discard a card from your hand with at least X icons...")
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Easy to control. Upping and downing the bonus is mostly up to you. 1 item in play typically means a pair of Track Shoes or a weapon. Characters who depend on the 0-cost items, Leather Coat or Cherished Keepsake wont be able to use this at all.

The characters who really shine with just one item in play include:

Cautionary advice, the buff goes down to Unexpected Courage level as soon as you have just 2 items, so be exact with your deckbuilding when you decide to include Able Bodied, no unnecessary items!

If your deck has skills in it, this is not a bad one, it'll take some deckbuilding finesse to tell if you're better served by Manual Dexterity or Overpower though.

Tsuruki23 · 928
The fact that Matt Newman included this card in the same set as Track Shoes is a sign that he wants to push our sanity even before we play the first scenario. Do you lean into Track Shoes, especially with its free tests that ask you to run Rabbit's Foot along with all the other "fail economy" cards? Or do you pack light and rely on your skills to pull you through? It's a tough call. That said I still think this card is still good at two icons- like steadfast you trade late game flexibility for early game power. If you don't happen to find the items you want to have in play, Able Bodied has you covered for a little while. — StyxTBeuford · 973