Gavriella Mizrah
Private Security



Volontà: 3. Intelletto: 2. Scontro: 4. Agilità: 1.
Salute: 8. Sanità Mentale: 4.

After an enemy attacks you, even if that attack was canceled: Discover 1 clue at your location. (Limit once per round.)

effect: +1. Heal 1 damage and 1 horror.

Ilich Henriquez
Il Circolo Spezzato #46. Sparizione alla Villa del Crepuscolo #4.
Gavriella Mizrah

Gavriella Mizrah - Retro


Setup: You begin play in the Victorian Halls. Place 1 damage on The Spectral Watcher. Search the gathered cards for 1 copy of Fate of All Fools and put it into play in your threat area. You begin with 1 resource instead of 5.

Starting Play Area: .45 Automatic (Core 16) with 2 ammo tokens remaining, Physical Training (Core 17).

Opening Hand: First Aid (Core 19), Guard Dog (Core 21), Evidence! (Core 22), Dodge (Core 23), Extra Ammunition (level 1) (Core 26), 2 copies of Delay the Inevitable (TCU 21).

A former member of the Haganah, Gavriella Mizrah now works private security for wealthy homeowners. Josef Meiger - a man who takes confidentiality quite seriously - has retained Gavriella to make sure there are no problems during tonight's event. But even she is not prepared for what is to come.
Gavriella Mizrah

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