Valentino Rivas
Wealthy Philanthropist


Silver Twilight. Socialite.

Volontà: 1. Intelletto: 3. Scontro: 2. Agilità: 4.
Salute: 5. Sanità Mentale: 7.

During a skill test you are performing, spend 2 resources: Reduce the difficulty of this test by 1. (Limit once per round.)

effect: +1. Gain 2 resources.

Tiziano Baracchi
The Circle Undone #48. Disappearance at the Twilight Estate #6.
Valentino Rivas

Valentino Rivas - Retro


Setup: You begin play in the Billiards Room. Search the gathered cards for 1 copy of Shadow Hound and 1 copy of Terror in the Night. Spawn the Shadow Hound engaged with you and put Terror in the Night into play next to the agenda deck. You begin with 10 resources instead of 5.

Starting Play Area: Well Connected (TCU 28).

Opening Hand: .41 Derringer (Core 47), Opportunist (Core 53), Sure Gamble (level 3) (Core 56), 2 copies of Money Talks (TCU 29), 2 copies of Cunning (TCU 30).

"Tino" is a wealthy philanthropist and one of tonight's most esteemed guests. The recipient of a fortuitous windfall, Valentino lives a life of luxury and recreation. Despite his wealth, he remains connected to his community, and he takes great joy in giving large sums of money to good causes.
Valentino Rivas

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