Entry Hall - Retro


The Entry Hall is blocked by a wall of spectral mist. You cannot enter the Entry Hall. Silver Twilight enemies cannot spawn in the Entry Hall.

A wall of dark mist blocks your escape, decaying everything it touches. Ghostly hands grasp at you from the mist, desperately trying to pull you in. You suspect that if you tried to cross through the mist, you wouldn't emerge alive.
Entry Hall


Oscurità: 3. Indizi: 0

: Resign. You tear through the front doors of the manor, escaping the spectral realm and leaving the remainder of the survivors to their fate.

The dark mist begins to recede, and the entry hall to Josef's manor is slowly restored to its original state as the mist dissipates.
Logan Feliciano
The Circle Undone #78. At Death's Doorstep #14.
Entry Hall

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