Remove all doom from this card.

For the remainder of the game, doom cannot be placed on Silver Twilight enemies, and Josef Meiger gains aloof.

Flip this card back to its enemy side and disengage it from all investigators.

Josef lowers his weapon and studies you for a moment. "Perhaps you are telling the truth. But if that is true…" He ponders the situation, then holsters his weapon and checks his pocket watch. "Regardless, we have little time. If my estimate is correct, the anomaly will recede soon. We must be out of the manor before that occurs, or we'll all be trapped here."
You ask how he knows all of this, but he merely shakes his head. "This is not the time. Ask again if we make it out of here alive."
The Circle Undone #85. At Death's Doorstep #21.
Josef's Plan

Josef Meiger
Lodge Host


Humanoid. Cultist. Silver Twilight. Elite.

Combatti: 3. Salute: 2. Eludi: 3.
Danni: 1. Orrori: 1.


If no other Silver Twilight enemy has doom on it: Parley. Test (4) to convince Josef that this is not your doing. If you fail, Josef Meiger attacks you. If you succeed, flip this card over and resolve its text.

Victory 2.
"Do not rouse the beast you do not comprehend."
Kip Ayers
The Circle Undone #85. At Death's Doorstep #21.
Josef Meiger

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