Supporto. Hand

Item. Illicit.

Costi: 3.


Choose an enemy at your location and exhaust Fake Credentials: Parley. Test (1). This test gets +1 difficulty for each suspicion on Fake Credentials. If you succeed, discover 1 clue at your location and place 1 resource on Fake Credentials, as suspicion. If you fail, you must either discard Fake Credentials, or the chosen enemy attacks you.

Lin Hsiang
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #66.
Fake Credentials


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Two interesting facts about this cards:

  • you're picking up a clue from location but test is not against location shroud value, but it's just (1) (+ number of suspicions)
  • you do not perform investigate action, but parley, so if locations can't be investigated (due to some Mythos cards, like Locked Door) you can still pick a clue from it, ignoring obstacle

That being said I think it shines when used in those scenarios: high shroud locations + Mythos obstacles (Locked Door or Obscuring Fog or something else).

bugiel_marek · 17

Notice that you can take this card with Versatile in Daniela Reyes to trigger her investigator ability pretty reliably, since the attacks from the failed Parley are not attacks of opportunity. And who knows, one time you might even discover a clue by accident.

Another interesting synergie presents itself if you take British Bull Dog with another Versatile, which saves you an action and 3 resources after you fail with Fake Credentials. With discard pile shenanigans offered by the Survivor card pool you can even trigger this combo multiple times per game after British Bull Dog runs out of ammo.

Of course, these are not particularly good plays, but we are here to have fun, aren't we?

(Also, this is my least favorite artwork in the game.)

AlderSign · 226
You can also parley with aloof enemies. So with her ability and the credentials enemies like whippoorwills are easily taken care of. — Tharzax · 1
I did actually miss that - genious! — AlderSign · 226
While this is a fun interaction, I would not call it a good one. Daniela has her signature, which does the same, but fast instead of for an action. Increasing the odds of drawing at least a "worse wrench" by adding 5 cards to your deck seems inferior to simle item-tutors like "Backpack" for me. — Susumu · 351