Revelation - Put Idle Hands into play in your threat area.

If Idle Hands is in your threat area, during your turn, take 2 damage and discard Idle Hands: You may take an additional action this turn.

Forced - At the end of your turn: Take 1 horror.

Romana Kendelic
Ritorno a... L'Eredità di Dunwich #69. Paura Inspiegabile #3-4.
Idle Hands

Another fun card from the Erratic Fear encounter set that is troublesome, yet fun. That extra action is a great bonus, making this a card people would almost pay to play. It's very situational how good or bad this is. If you draw it on a turn when you could really use another action and you are playing a beefy investigator like Silas or Nathaniel, it's a win. If, on the other hand, you are playing Daisy Walker or Luke and you're left saying "well, I guess I'll draw a card," that seems much more bleak. At least those two might have a Logical Reasoning in hand (as it were).