Costi: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Gioca solo se possiedi 1 o più indizi.

Scegli un investigatore nel tuo luogo. Quell'investigatore può scegliere se curarsi 2 orrori oppure scartare 1 carta Terrore dalla sua area di minaccia.

"Sono il più saggio tra gli uomini viventi, poiché so solo una cosa, e cioè di non sapere niente."
- Platone, La Repubblica
Andreas Zafiratos
Lo Spettro della Verità #191.
Deduzione Logica
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: can Logical Reasoning be used to discard a Hidden card with the Terror trait? A: Hidden cards cannot be discarded by any means save for the ability on the card itself. That means they cannot be discarded via Logical Reasoning, even though they might otherwise be able to be discarded (since they are in fact a Terror card considered to be in your threat area).
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I just used Logical Reasoning with Roland Banks in a run-through of the Night of the Zealot, and I was moderately impressed. The ability to heal 2 horror is more important to him any of the current seekers, and there aren't that many options for healing horror. Combined with double Willpower icons - which I found I used - it's pretty handy.

Probably the closest equivalent I could find was Moment of Respite, which costs 3 to heal three horror and draws a card - but requires 3XP. Compared to it, Logical Reasoning is 'Moment of Respite Lite', with the lower XP cost being the only real advantage.

The other part of the effects - remove a Terror card - is possibly occasionally useful, but at the moment there are relatively few Terror cards that go into a players threat area. Delusions and Striking Fear are the only relevant encounter sets at the moment, and all Delusions can be 'paid off' with 2 actions. Logical Reasoning is 1 action and 2 resources, so it's not a great bargain. It's decent against 'Frozen in Fear', but I wouldn't pick a card to counteract 1 encounter card.

I would say, don't underestimate the cost and conditions. 2 isn't exactly cheap (at least, for guardians who seem to have plenty of expensive cards), and you do need a clue too. You might not always have one. (Been there, done that).

In summary, reasonably impressed with this for Roland as a starting card to beef up his lacklustre sanity. With XP there are better options. I've taken to thinking of it as a better alternative to Guts for him, trading draw for, potentially, healing horror.

Other investigators? Well, seekers usually have better sanity anyway. Minh Thi Phan might have a use for it, and the Dunwich investigators can all take it as a splash card - though, to be honest, there are better choices, I think.

AndyB · 374
Its also incredible tech for parties, as its probably the next best thing besides rogues booze to heal horror. "Choose an investigator at y — MURdos · 34
It is an auto include for multiplayer. Your monster Hunter will love being able to heal the horror. — Myriad · 645

This seems like the horror-related alternative to Emergency Aid. It's 2 resources, a card, and an action to heal 2 horror instead of 2 damage. Both cards each have one extra use - Emergency Aid has the ability to heal allies and Logical Reasoning is able to remove a Terror. Logical Reasoning does also require a clue to use, but in my experience this has not been a largely prohibitive restriction.

I really like this card.

Part of it might be that I find horror to be more common than damage in the campaigns I have played (Night of the Zealot, The Dunwich Legacy, The Path to Carcosa) but I normally find the horror healing to be quite useful. In general, soaking horror is better than healing, but sometimes things go a little south and get a little crazier than you expected. In those moments, I am glad I have this card around.

A lot of non-Seeker investigators like this card:

  • Carolyn Fern naturally wants this to use her special ability. It was practically made for her!
  • Roland Banks has such low sanity that he's naturally going to want this card to get him through the more frightening Mythos adventures.
  • Finn Edwards would consider this card as one if his only ways to snap out of Frozen in Fear.
  • Marie Lambeau and other Mystic investigators might take this card to offset trauma taken from having multiple copies of Arcane Research.

Even if you don't want this card for yourself, take it for one of your friends if you're playing multiplayer! Your Guardian will thank you and will hopefully pay you back by keeping you protected from scary enemies.

Eventually this card is mostly outclassed by Moment of Respite, but that costs 1 more resource and 3 experience points! I usually just like to use this card and save the experience points for other, more powerful things.

As of The Depths of Yoth, I would say that this card is still a logical choice for many investigators!

I play seeker quite often in multiplayer, and almost always take this card. With two willpower icons on it, in addition to everything you just said, this has NEVER been a dead card in my hand! — cb42 · 18