Intuizione. Tattica.

Costi: 2. XP: 2.


Combatti. Usa invece di . Ricevi +2 in questa prova. Per ogni indizio che possiedi, infliggi +1 danno in questo attacco (massimo +3).

"È il peggior piano che abbia mai sentito. Beh, cosa stiamo aspettando?"
Robert Laskey
Harvey Walters #25.
"Ho un Piano!"


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Like the 0-level version, this is a bit situational, but the extra may be worth it, as a protection for high combat enemies (plus the 2 vs 3 Resources cost). It's a possible replacement for Strange Solution, although it's a bit more expensive, resource-wise, and only one-use. On the other hand, 8 XP for the the Solution is also a lot that could be spent elsewhere, if you only need a hit or two.

I think the -1 cost is actually pretty huge, but it probably depends on the deck. — Zinjanthropus · 225
For 2 XP you get several upgrades here. -1 cost, +2 Intellect to the test, and +1 Intellect pip if committed. If you needed a plan anyway, I think it's a great upgrade (especially if you found it useful, but hard to make hit). And if you didn't pack the level 0 version and regretted it, might as well spend 1 more XP to buy this instead of backfilling the level 0. OTOH, if you've got a plan already and aren't finding it useful, or it's useful but don't think you need the boost, the XP might be better spent elsewhere. — Yenreb · 15
Please note that the plan is cheap enough that Joe can act on his gut with this plan with no additional costs! — ironbrw · 16
It's also cheap enough for using the 2 resources to pay from either Sleuther (being a Tactic) or Crafty (beging an Insight) if you're out of resources. Probably you don't need the 2 Uses for boosting your skill because this card does it by itself. — Miroque · 23
Question about the wording ”intellect instead of might”, is that just new wording that stems from a newer card pack (old Dunwich cycle vs Harvey Walters), or does it have any meaningful application to use? — legobil · 1