Trama. Stage 3
Destini: 7. Indizi: –
You rush into the next chamber, hoping to find an exit to this nightmare. The locked steel gate before you crushes that hope. Cryptic symbols are etched into the walls, and a sigil on the floor ebbs with power. Just then, a figure exits from the shadows.

Each distortion location gains:

" 4+1< T %2+: <+@2 H <@6@~+ 9 EIXODOLON. (Group limit once per game.)"

Objective - If each investigator is defeated, advance this agenda.

Mark Molnar
I Labirinti della Follia #6. The Labyrinths of Lunacy #2.
The Mastermind

Hope is Lost - Retro

The mastermind's distored voice crackles with what one might call laughter. “Your pain is powerful,” the voice explains. “To be lifted from safety and brought into misery, and yet retain hope… Only to have that hope dashed and crushed.” The runes on the floor of the abandoned warehouse glow brightly, blood seeping through cracks in the concrete and dripping down the walls. I know it isn't fair,” the voice offers. But nothing ever truly is.”

In this timeline, the ritual is complete.

If you are playing in Epic Multiplayer Mode, move all damage from Eixodolon to another group's copy of Eixodolon.

Each investigator in this group is killed. (→R1)

The Mastermind

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