Capitolo. Stage 1
Indizi: 2.
“You have one hour to discover the way out,” your note reads, “or you will breathe in death.”

Timed - Do not advance this act until you are instructed. By the time the agenda advances, investigators must possess the Key of Mysteries and the requisite number of clues. (Beware— If the agenda advanced and you do not meet this condition, each investigator in this group will be killed.)

Anthony Devine
I Labirinti della Follia #7. The Labyrinths of Lunacy #3.
Sealed In (Group A)

Success… Or Death - Retro


If the investigators possess the Key of Mysteries and 2[per investigator] clues:

You push the key into the lock, and the wall of the chamber opens up, leading into a dark, narrow corridor of corrugated metal and concrete. The whistling of the pipes all around you dampens to a faint whimper.

The investigators spend 2 clues, as a group. Remove the Key of Mysteries from the game. Resolve Act 2 Setup.

If the investigators do not possess the Key of Mysteries and/or 2 clues:

A powerful, noxious gas spews forth from the vents and fills the room. Your vision grow hazy and you collapse to the ground. "The fate that inevitably awaits us all," a sinister voice explains. Everything goes dark.

Each investigator in this group is killed. (→R1)

Sealed In (Group A)

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