Capitolo. Stage 1
Indizi: 2.
One member of your group is trapped inside one of this chamber’s many tanks. A mechanism above the tank springs to life, and water pours into the tank from above. “You have one hour to find the means to free your companion,” your note reads, “or their fate is sealed.”

Timed - Do not advance this act until you are instructed. By the time the agenda advances, investigators at the same location must possess the requisite number of clues. (Beware— If the agenda advances and you do not meet this condition, the investigator in the Chamber of Rain will be killed.)

Anthony Devine
I Labirinti della Follia #8. The Labyrinths of Lunacy #4.
Watery Grave (Group B)

A Slow Death - Retro


If investigators at the same location possess 2 clues:

You breath a sigh of relief as the water drains harmlessly.

Investigators at the same location spend 2 clues, as a group. Resolve Act 2 Setup.

If investigators at the same location do not possess 2 clues:

The water level continues to rise. It fills the tank and then your lungs. You struggle in futility against the glass. Freedom is so close, and yet so far.

Each investigator loses each of his or her clues.

The investigator in the Chamber of Rain is killed.

Resolve Act 2 Setup.

Watery Grave (Group B)

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