Capitolo. Stage 2
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Glowing words continue to appear on your note. “In the chamber ahead lives my precious pet,” it reads. “He is very hungry. Perhaps you should open his gate and allow him to feed.”

Timed - Do not advance this act until you are instructed. Find a way to deal with Eixodolon's Pet before the agenda advances. (Beware— If the creature is still “locked away” when the agenda advances, it will break free.)

Anthony Devine
I Labirinti della Follia #13. The Labyrinths of Lunacy #7.
The Pet (Group C)

Endless Hunger - Retro


If you “sent Eixodolon's Pet to another group”:

Choose another group, at random. At the end of the current round, that group spawns their set-aside copy of Eixodolon's Pet in one of their Labyrinthine Halls. Resolve Act 3 Setup.

If Eixodolon's Pet is in the victory display:

You breathe a sigh of relief as the creature crumples lifelessly to the ground.

Resolve Act 3 Setup.

If neither of the above are true:

The creature smashes through the glass of its terrarium and lashes out hungrily at anyone nearby.

Move Eixodolon's Pet to Chamber of Hunger. It attacks each investigator in the Chamber of Hunger, in player order. Resolve Act 3 Setup.

The Pet (Group C)

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