Capitolo. Stage 3
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“You are close to freedom,” the figure’s distorted voice crackles. “Do you still have hope in your voice? Do you still have light in your eyes?”

Objective - At the end of the round, if Eixodolon has no remaining health, you may move any damage on him in excess of his health to another group's copy of Eixodolon. Then, advance.

Anthony Devine
I Labirinti della Follia #14. Epic Multiplayer #4.
The Escape

Parallel Labyrinths - Retro


If any copy of Eixodolon in any surviving group's play area has health remaining:

The figure distorts and shimmers through space-time.

Flip this act back over.

If each other surviving group's copy of Eixodolon has no health remaining:

- If your group is the only surviving group, proceed to (→R2).

- If only two groups survived, those groups proceed to (→R3).

- If all three groups survived, all three groups proceed to (→R4).

The Escape

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