Capitolo. Stage 3
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“You are close to freedom,” the figure’s distorted voice crackles. “Do you still have hope in your voice? Do you still have light in your eyes?”

Objective - If Eixodolon has no remaining health, advance.

Anthony Devine
I Labirinti della Follia #15. Single Group #4.
The Escape

Parallel Labyrinths - Retro


If you are playing in standalone mode:

Proceed to (→R2).

If you are playing as a mini-campaign and this is the first or second group played:

Begin as a new group to discover which resolution is reached.

If you are playing as a mini-campaign, and this is the third group played:

- If only one group survived, proceed to (→R2).

- If two groups survived, proceed to (→R3).

- If all three groups survived, proceed to (→R4).

The Escape

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