Act 2.

Revelation - Attach The Gate to a Distortion location.

Spend 1 clue: You enter the doorway. Flip this story card over and follow the instructions on its other side.

You notice a doorway in your chamber that wasn’t there before. On the other side, the hall is pitch black. Where does it lead?
I Labirinti della Follia #37. Epic Multiplayer #11.
The Gate

Deep Within the Labyrinth… - Retro


Depending on which group you are in, put a different location into play, as follows:

- If you are in Group A, put the Chamber of Rot into play.

- If you are in Group B, put the Chamber of Hunger into play.

- If you are in Group C, put the Chamber of Decay into play.

Disengage from each enemy and move to the location just put into play.

Until there is at least 5 doom on the current agenda, that location is not considered to be connected to any other location.

Remove this card from the game.

As soon as you step through the gate, it vanishes behind you. You are on your own, for now…
The Gate

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