Act 2.

Revelation - Put The Dilemma into play, next to the act deck.

The current act gains: “ At the end of the round: Desperate, you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the other groups. Flip The Dilemma over and follow the instructions on the other side.”

Glowing words appear on your group’s note as though written by an unseen entity. It reads: “Worry not. I shall give your friends a chance to escape. All you have to do is perish at their expense, and they will be given the means to escape. Just write ‘I choose death’ on this note here, and the deed will be done.”
I Labirinti della Follia #36. Epic Multiplayer #10.
The Dilemma

Deep Within the Labyrinth… - Retro


You must choose and discard all but X cards from your hand, and remove all but X resources from your resource pool. X is the amount of doom on the current agenda.

Read the following to each group aloud:

The words and letters on the note shift and change to form a strange diagram.

The lead investigator of Group A takes control of the set-aside Rot Diagram.

The lead investigator of Group B takes control of the set-aside Hunger Diagram.

The lead investigator of Group C takes control of the set-aside Decay Diagram.

Remove each group's copy of The Dilemma from the game.

You write “I choose death” on the note. Words appear just below yours, spelling out a sentence in reply. “Did you really think I would let you die that easily?”
The Dilemma

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