Act 1. Act 2.

Revelation - Place The Vent in a Distortion location. If it is act 1, Groups B and C put the set-aside Key of Mysteries into play at that location.

: Place any number of your resource tokens or clues on this card, and/or place any number of Item assets you control underneath this card. You may also place a written note underneath this card.

: Take control of any number of tokens, cards, or notes on/underneath this card.

At the end of the round: You send all of the tokens and cards gathered here through the ventilation shaft. Flip this card over and follow the instructions on the other side.

You find a ventilation shaft through which you can fit one or more important items…
I Labirinti della Follia #35. Epic Multiplayer #9.
The Vent

Deep Within the Labyrinth… - Retro


Take the cards, tokens, and notes on or underneath this card and place them on or underneath another group's copy of The Vent.

Flip this card back over.

The objects tumble down through the shaft, making loud banging noises behind the walls and underneath the floor. Hopefully another group can find them…
The Vent

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