Act 1. Act 2.

Revelation - Attach The Rift to the current act. If it is act 1, Groups B and C put the set-aside Key of Mysteries into play at a Distortion location.

Forced - At the end of the round, if there is at least 3 doom on each group's agenda: The rift opens wide enough for an investigator to step through. Choose an investigator at any location to enter the rift. Then, that investigator flips this card over and follows the instructions on its other side.

With a sudden flash of light, a rift begins to open in the wall nearby, energy slowly coalescing into the shape of a portal. It is too small to enter now, but soon it will be large enough for a person to step through…
I Labirinti della Follia #34. Epic Multiplayer #8.
The Rift

Deep Within the Labyrinth… - Retro


Each investigator that entered the rift takes this story card and meets in private, away from each group. Investigators within the rift can speak freely, and may exchange any number of clues, resources, cards in hand, or story assets controlled. Once the investigators are satisfied, each investigator returns to his or her original group. Flip this card back over.

You find yourself in a hub, of sorts — a pathway within the aether. Other prisoners have found their way here. Perhaps you can collaborate with them to find a way to escape.
The Rift

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