Act 1.

Revelation - Attach Arcane Runes to a Distortion location.

If there are 1 resources on this card: Flip it over and follow the instructions on its other side.

: sTte)3(. fI uoy ucdee,cs ceapl 1 cesueorr no tsih

If an investigator in this group has successfully resolved the above ability, this card gains: “: es)3T(t. oYu ancnto mctmio rdcsa ot htsi klisl e.tts fI uyo duec,esc ealcp 1 srcrouee no nhotera ugpro's coyp fo raeAnc nRues.”

In your chamber, you see a set of arcane runes etched upon the wall. If you can decode them and set them in the correct order, perhaps it will change something…
I Labirinti della Follia #33. Epic Multiplayer #7.
Arcane Runes

Deep Within the Labyrinth… - Retro


If you are in Group B:

Etched upon the glass of the capsule slowly filling with water, you can see a blueprint begin to glow.

Each investigator in this group may immediately trade clues among one another. Move any number of clues from Chamber of Rain to Chamber of Sorrows, or vice-versa. Flip this card back over.

If you are in Group A:

The runes glow, and a piece of the wall slides to reveal a secret compartment, filled with trinkets.

Put the Key of Mysteries into play at the Chamber of Secrets. Flip this card back over.

If you are in Group C:

The runes in your chamber shift to form a word.

The word you see is the same word inscribed upon the wall of the Chamber of Secrets in Group A's play area (you may examine Group A's play area) Flip this card back over.

Arcane Runes

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