Trama. Stage 1
Destini: 11. Indizi: –
The Clover Club is filled with mobsters and gamblers from all walks of life. Winning big without causing alarm may not be as easy as you thought.

If you are in the Clover Club Cardroom, spend any number of clues: You cash in your chips. Gain 5 resources for each clue just spent.

Forced - If "Skids" O'Toole is defeated: (→R2)

Matthew Cowdery
All or Nothing #12. Tutto o Niente #2.
Eyes All Around You

The Mob Always Wins - Retro

It's getting late, and you've been gambling all night. Exhausted, you try to stand up, but stumble and spill your drink all over a scruffy-looking fellow at your table. Slowly turning to you with a wicked scowl, the husky hoodlum stares at you with contempt. The man leaps out of his seat and lunges at you. Now you've done it. The mobsters are sure to kick you out...

Each investigator who has not resigned is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma.

If "Skids" O'Toole has resigned, proceed to (→R1). Otherwise, proceed to (→R2)

Eyes All Around You

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