Capitolo. Stage 1

Indizi: –
You don't want trouble, so it's best not to cause it. Try not to go all in too soon, or you'll likely take the bounce.

Investigators cannot resign.

Clover Club Pit Boss gains aloof.

Forced - After a Criminal enemy is defeated: Place 1 doom on the agenda.

Objective - At the end of the round: If an investigator has 15 or more resources, advance.

Chris Peuler
Tutto o Niente #13. Tutto o Niente #3.

Feeling the Heat - Retro

Fueled by luck and adrenaline, you've wont a bit too much and failed to keep a low profile. The O'Bannions know you're here and despise having their money stolen by "cheaters." A commanding voice from La Bella Luna calls out, "That O'Toole vermin is here. Split up and get him!"
You freeze and your mind clears at the sound of your name. It may be time to stop. Once-oblivious mobsters now rise and pursue you with fierce determination. Do you confront the trouble before escaping out the front, or do you try to find the back door?

Spawn the set-aside Siobhan Riley enemy in La Bella Luna. Each investigator spawns 1 set-aside Clover Club Bouncer enemy engaged with them.

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