Capitolo. Stage 2

Indizi: –
Collect your winnings and escape!

Each Criminal enemy gains hunter and gets +1 health.

Forced - When an investigator resigns: Place each of that investigator's resources on this act.

Objective - Collect as many resources as you can and get out. When each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

Chris Peuler
Tutto o Niente #14. Tutto o Niente #4.

The Thrill of Victory - Retro

You run out the door and sprint around the corner, winnings in hand. The adrenaline rush is like no other. Once at a safe distance, you count your money. You take a deep breath and are relieved; this outing put a big dent in your debts. Surely this night will only add to your reputation. Lady Luck is always on your side!


Hot on your Tail
Hot on your Tail


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