Consulenti Esperti


Costi: –.


Solo mazzo di Roland Banks. Permanente.

Regolamento - Non puoi scegliere volontariamente di assegnare danni o orrori ai supporti Alleato.

Possiedi 1 slot alleato aggiuntivo.

Adam Lane
Da Manuale #27.


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Using this directive means there is no point in Roland using police dogs in the extra ally slot. As the dogs only bite after they have been assigned damage.

Brother Xavier: Pure of Spirit is also made worthless.

LegendRJS · 3
The dog for sure. But Bro Xavier could still be asigned damage and horror from other investigators though. — Susumu · 347
A card that actually makes "Something Worth Fighting For" look pretty good. — Pinchers · 122
You could take the front but not the back of parallel Roland and add Agency Backup? Not sure that effectively saving 3xp on Charisma is really worth the regulation, but if you're not planning on using the allies to soak anyway maybe nbd. — swornabsent · 7
How would this affect allys that have a trigger that deals damage directly to the ally? e.g. #grete vagner or #beat cop[2] — mordequess · 27
Similar question here. — Rick Dreckitt · 1
For the people asking about Grete or Beat Cop: those still work fine. They deal themselves damage as part of their effect, the damage is not assigned to them. — Veronica212 · 286