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acotgreave · 719

This deck is built using the least popular cards on ArkhamDB. I measured it using "decks per day" for each card. I built this for solo, so excluded any unpopular cards that only work in multiplayer.

What do you think? Could you play it?

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Mar 01, 2019 ArkhamInvestigator · 288

This is a really interesting analysis!

I can definitely understand why most of these cards are currently not popular (as of the release of The Circle Undone Deluxe set - you never know when one of these cards might be redeemed in the future!)

The only real surprise here for me is Take the Initiative. I think this card is really awesome so I didn't expect to see it on the list. I'd normally much rather have Take the Initiative over something like First Aid (which doesn't seem to be in the bottom 20 list but maybe benefits from being a core set card).

As for this deck, it might be playable on a lower difficulty. I think this particular decklist would actually play better out of Mark Harrigan rather than Roland Banks. Mark's 5 skill will help mitigate the fact that he's working with weaker weapons. That higher skill would also help with triggering the abilities on Handcuffs and Interrogate when they get used. Mark also can use Second Wind to recover health to keep using as fuel for Sophie, and he can use Sophie to pump himself up for critical non- tests. I think that the Sophie bonus would be important since this deck really does not have a diverse set of skill icons and that Roland might struggle a bit because of that.