Deadly Dark Daisy

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Thunderdoom · 1

I tweaked Dark Daisy Deck to add some monster-slayin power. This is still very much going to be a fun deck to play.

Again, this is for a three member Depths of Yoth one shot with a Tommy made up of weapons and disposable allies and a Mihn backup/skill support. This is going to be a blast.


Jul 31, 2020 Chitinid · 14

The payoff of the alternate front appears to be the potential of having a higher willpower score, but it doesn't seem like you have much in this kit that leverages that willpower. Wouldn't the same build potentially be better with the usual front, since you get a bonus action each turn to use a tome?

Aug 01, 2020 Django · 3558

Ironie of the new daisy is her potential higher willpower nearly removed mystic access.

Where's Abigail Foreman? You just have to play her in any daisy deck. 5 Tomes and tome use!

Scavenging is rediculous with all those tomes or her signature item. Upgraded Ancient Stones are also nice to commit or recharge.

I had some ressource issues, but David Renfield and Astounding Revelation really helped out.

Aug 01, 2020 Thunderdoom · 1

@chitinid i thought about the potential payoff of switching back to original Daisy but then I wouldnt have her alternate special bag card that allows her to have up to 4 tomes out at once.

Aug 01, 2020 Thunderdoom · 1

@Django oh Abigail Foreman, i wish i could use thee, she would fit in this deck like a glove, but dark daisy’s deck building requirements limit my seeker cards to only level 3 and she is sadly level 4. Man, i wish i could have seen my face when i had that revelation...

I’m not entirely sure why I chose scavenging. I have no comment here. I think at the time, I must have had a reason but I cannot think of it now.

And as far as Ancient Stones, for a standalone I know some people have no problem using cards with prerequisite action cards, but i just feel weird about it.