Pietra Antica
Menti in Armonia

Supporto. Hand

Oggetto. Reliquia.

Costi: 2. XP: 4.
Icone Abilità:

Puoi includere questo suupporto nel tuo mazzo migliorandolo dalla Pietra Antica (Non Identificata) e solo se "la pietra è stata identificata".

Utilizzo (X segreti), dove X è il numero tra parentesi accanto a "la pietra è stata identificata".

Quando peschi un qualsiasi numero di carte, spendi un pari ammontare di segreti: Cura quell'ammontare di orrori a una carta nel tuo luogo.

Greg Bobrowski
Città degli Archivi #231.
Pietra Antica
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can Ancient Stone (Minds in Harmony) heal horror from Daisy's The Necronomicon? A: Correct, there is nothing stopping you from healing horror from the Necronomicon using Ancient Stone (Minds in Harmony), provided the Necronomicon is at your location. Note, however, that horror cannot be healed from a card if that horror is being used as a placeholder for another kind of effect (for example, the horror on locations in Curtain Call being used to represent fire, flood, or ooze – it’s not actually horror anymore, so it cannot be ‘healed’.)"
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Carolyn Fern can take this; she can use the level 1 version because she's her, and this because it heals horror. She can also take Shrewd Analysis, which has a strange interaction here: Since this is the only "eligible" option, she flat out upgrades the second copy for free. The other version isn't eligible because she can't include it in her deck, so it's not included among the random options. Since shrewd analysis is so easy to include in a deck, it's now a viable include for Carolyn. The biggest hurdle is getting the initial investigate off to upgrade the card at all, but she can be built as a solid seeker so that's not such an issue.

SGPrometheus · 135
Wow!! That's huge!!! — matt88 · 611
Yep, a huge get for Carolyn, but I'm pretty meh on this for everyone else, because the other Ancient Stone is just so good. This one would be great in Dim Carcosa... but so would the other. — CaiusDrewart · 1042
Either we 're getting something wrong about this card, or something's wrong in the works, regarding the site. I'm trying to add this in a Carolyn deck I created and the site overwrites it, telling me I've included a card that is forbidden for the investigator. Any idea why this would happen?? — matt88 · 611
@caiusdrewart Agreed re: everyone else, especially since pretty much everyone else who can take this can take the other version instead. That's what I love about Carolyn though, she takes so many sub-par cards (First Aid, Clarity of Mind, Liquid Courage) and makes them into viable, powerful cards. — SGPrometheus · 135
@matt88 Well, let's take a look: The first card is a level 1 seeker card, and Carolyn can take Seeker cards 0-1, so that checks out. This card has "heals... horror" on it, anywhere, so that checks out too. My guess is that the (one) guy who does all the coding for arkhamdb hasn't gotten around to flagging this card as obtainable by Caroyln yet. — SGPrometheus · 135
Question: Can the stone heal Key of Ys? — Uncle George the Farmer · 245
Note that because multiple cards drawn from a single game effect are considered to be drawn simultaneously and not one at a time, neither version of the Ancient Stone can divide a single 2+ heal/damage among multiple targets. Nor, on the wording of the card, is it permitted to spend fewer secrets than the number of cards drawn by the said game effect, e.g. you could not spend just 1 secret after playing Preposterous Sketches to draw 3 cards; it would have to be 3 secrets or else not use the Ancient Stone reaction-trigger at all. — Cluny · 38
@Uncle George the Farmer: Answer: yes, if it's at your location. See the FAQ entry. — SGPrometheus · 135