Nathaniel Cho, all the Gloves all the time

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DerBK · 14

My Nate deck after Black Stars Rise, going into Dim Carcosa. The campaign was two-handed, with Nathaniel and Jacqueline.

Nate is quite the bottomless pit to throw XP into, this deck can easily gobble up another 20XP, upgrading the One-Twos, the second Grete, the Get Over Heres and adding the second Stand Together.

Spiritual Resolve was a last second addition to prepare for Dim Carcosa with some additional horror soak. In any other campaign, those 5XP would've probably went towards some of the upgrades mentioned above.

I am very happy with how this deck turned out. Double Boxing Gloves enabled by Bandolier is a riot to play and between Randall, the Backpack and tons of card draw in a slim deck it's easy enough to find and assemble.

Backpack is not only useful to find the second glove or the Bandolier, it can also pick up Mirror and/or Handcuffs. Of course, Backpack and Bandolier share the body slot, so once the Bandolier is down, Backpack becomes a dead draw. I didn't find that particularly problematic because at that point i am drowning in cards. Prepared for the Worst could be a substitute and it also goes on SttP, but i found it often useful to grab the other items out of the deck as well so i chose Backpack.

Handcuffs is of course fantastic to defuse Tommy Malloy. Due to all the card draw, you can easily cycle through the deck once or even twice, parking Tommy somewhere on the board so he doesn't reshuffle helps a lot.

Mirror is just a generally good card to include and the Soothing Melodies help with keeping horror low. Sadly the Melodies aren't Spirit traited, that would've really tied the deck together :)

Thing that Follows is a huge pain for this deck. Yes, you can just punch it but that costs one of your event cards or two of your actions. And since it reshuffles instead of getting defeated, you can't even trigger your Gloves or play Glory afterwards. Super annoying weakness for Nate and the main reason why i upgraded my Counterpunches fairly early.

On SttP, i usually put Clean Them Out for some early income boost, a One-Two Punch as a panic button if i drew something big that needed to die NOW, and a Dynamite Blast for the occasional demolitions.

How To Play: Hard mulligan for gloves or a card that finds them. You absolutely need one as soon as possible to get the train rolling. Without them, you run out of steam super fast. Other than that, keep any non-Spirit cards you can find. You'll find the spirit cards soon enough. Once the Gloves are in play, you can start tearing through the deck. You will draw two or three cards per turn, depleting your deck of Spirit cards at some point. That is when Overpower and Glory come in. Overpower is in almost purely for card draw, just commit it whenever you think you are sure to get that succeed by 2 (which should be pretty much all the time). Using Overpower and Glory, tear through that last bit of your deck and towards the reshuffle, so your boxing gloves start handing you cards again. If gloves are in play, wait with playing Backpack until your deck is 12 cards or less. This allows you to just grab everything that was still missing in terms of non-Ally assets. Stand Together is a Spirit card and should be a priority to grab with the glove triggers. Once it's in your discard pile, it becomes the best target for your elder sign, grabbing even more cards and the cash to play them. I've had worse is also a Spirit card and a great card to hold as insurance against treacheries that come for your sanity.

Upgrade Priorities: 1 Glove, Backpack, SttP, Stand Together, 2 I've had worse, 1 Grete, the second glove. That's 26XP. From there on, your deck stands and you only get better.

Have fun punching stuff :)


Sep 18, 2020 serre · 19

do not think you need a second boxing glove in play. 1 gives you +7 base for fighting. seems pretty high. I prefer using physical training this is very flexible wity Cho and is thematically cooler. Also which random basic weakness do you have, because with stand together, glory and gloves ability i'm pretty sure you will see this every time entering in play.

Sep 18, 2020 DerBK · 14

The second glove is not just about the extra +2 fight, that's indeed almost unneeded in Standard (which i am playing at). But the extra card draw is super worth it.

My random Basic Weakness was It That Follows which is kind of a pain with this setup as you will draw through your deck at least once and twice can happen. ITF is a weakness that can pop up multiple times per go through the deck and over the course of the campaign i probably killed that stupid thing 15 times. Maybe 20.

Sep 18, 2020 DerBK · 14

Also, Physical Training is an okay card (only the L4 upgraded one, the others eat too much of his resources), but for one Nate has all the fight he needs. And in terms of Willpower, the Bandolier(2) puts him at a respectable four and many of his cards can be committed for an extra icon if it's really important.

Sep 20, 2020 CurlySheep · 1

I think @serre means that you don't need a Bandolier cause there's only 2 Boxing Gloves in your deck which needs hand slots, and usually, you don't need to equip them both. I'm kind of agree with him, and I think additional hand slots are important only when you want to hold a mean weapon plus Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, or Survival Knife. By the way, nice deck for a pure fighter!