Sventura. Debolezza


Rivelazione - Metti in gioco gli Spiriti Infuriati nella tua area di minaccia.

Esaurisci 1 supporto Incantesimo: Sposta 1 carica da quel supporto agli Spiriti Infuriati.

Obbligo - Quando la partita termina, se ci sono 3 o meno cariche sugli Spiriti Infuriati: Subisci 1 trauma fisico.

Odera Igbokwe
La Strada per Carcosa #15.
Spiriti Infuriati

Just a note as this is mentioned on the page for Roland's Cover Up weakness, but is not noted here. The same principle applies:

If Akachi is eliminated (by being defeated or taking a resign action) while Angered Spirits is in play, Angered Spirits's Forced effect triggers, as per the FAQ [V1.0, section 'Rulebook errata', topic "Elimination"]: For the purpose of resolving weakness cards, the game has ended for the eliminated investigator. Trigger any “when the game ends” abilities on each weakness the eliminated investigator owns that is in play. Then, remove those weaknesses from the game.”

This is just as tricky to manage for Akachi as it is for Roland, as she already has a lower health value. In campaigns that result in many physical trauma to investigators (The Forgotten Age, for instance), this can put Akachi at a disadvantage to other mystics if not managed carefully.

soakman · 25

Another trauma signature weakness. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: It drains Akachi's charges by forcing her to exhaust spells to build up 4 charges on this card before the end of the scenario, or face a physical trauma. Since Akachi usually has plans for those charges, this is a bad situation. While her Health is better than Roland's Sanity, physical trauma is still no joke and can end the scenario, especially since, like the whole suite of trauma weaknesses, if Akachi is defeated before getting the requisite charges on this card, she gets bonus trauma! On the upside, other investigators in her location can move charges as well, although it's not that common to have other spells with charges floating around. The largest problem with mitigation is that you want cheap spells with #+ charges, and they pretty much all take up Arcane slots that you already have plans for. You could use Sign Magick or Familiar Spirit to get more Arcane slots, but that is increasing the cost overall. Useful, low-cost spells include Alchemical Transmutation, Clarity of Mind, Healing Words, Mists of R'lyeh, and Song of the Dead, and Akachi's ability makes sure they have plenty of charges. One significant advantage to this card over other trauma weaknesses is that you will generally have two spells out, and Akachi can exhaust both of them in any free triggered ability window, allowing her to fill this weakness in two turns, drastically reducing the danger of a very late game draw. Now that Brand of Cthugha (4) exists, it would be pretty easy to siphon some of those 9 charges toward this, assuming you weren't the primary killer on your team.

The discard condition: None, but, if you get 4 charges on this card, you disable it (and it does not get discarded).

All in all, this is an average signature weakness.

Like all task based weaknesses, this can turn into an auto trauma if you draw it during the last few turns and have not enough time (or charges) to pay it off. I'd recommend draw effects (guts 0/ 2) to get this out early or discard it with scroll of secrets. — Django · 4192
Generally, it is not worth including bad spells in your deck solely to mitigate Angered Spirits. Agree with Django that draw and economy to play your big spells again are better, especially if you can get your Spirit-Speaker out. — suika · 8615
It's still good, that the spells exhaust, not the angered spirit, so in any normal situatio, you should be able to satisfy the spirits within 2 turns. I agree with suika, it's not worth it to put bad spells into Akachi's deck. Also, Akachi is much better prepared against physical traumata than Roland against mental ones. Feet tests that deal meat damage are far less common than brain tests that deal horror. And I got her easily through "Forgotten Age" with the "Wish Eater", which ate the trauma damage as a side dish to horror from "Shrivelling" before it became any issue. I agree, this is an average, or even slightly below average, weakness, while "Cover Up" is one of the worst. — Susumu · 217