Akachi Onyele
La Sciamana



Volontà: 5. Intelletto: 2. Scontro: 3. Agilità: 3.
Salute: 6. Sanità Mentale: 8.

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"Viaggerò io fino alle terre oltre il mondo. Non le temo."
Magali Villeneuve
La Strada per Carcosa #4.
Akachi Onyele

Akachi Onyele - Retro


Dimensioni del Mazzo: 30 carte.

Opzioni del Mazzo: Carte Mistico () di livello 0-5, carte neutrali di livello 0-5, carte con Utilizzo (X cariche) di livello 0-4, carte Occulto di livello 0.

Requisiti del Mazzo (non considerati nella dimensione del mazzo): Portavoce degli Spiriti, Spiriti Infuriati, 1 debolezza base casuale.

Quando era solo una ragazza, Akachi era abituata a restare in disparte. Di fronte alla sua abitudine di parlare da sola e di isolarsi dagli altri bambini, gli abitanti del villaggio in Nigeria si erano convinti che fosse pazza. Fu il dibia del villaggio a intuire per primo il suo vero potenziale: credeva che Akachi fosse stata segnata dagli spiriti per compiere qualcosa di grandioso e le insegnò a entrare in comunione con essi per attingere al loro potere. Sotto la sua guida, Akachi divenne una saggia figura di comando, rispettata non solo nel suo villaggio ma in ogni comunità a cui prestava aiuto. Ora ha deciso di adempiere al suo destino fino in fondo e di dare la caccia a quelle minacce soprannaturali che solo le sue conoscenze possono fermare.
Akachi Onyele

This review won't really be a state-of-the-art of current Akachi Onyele, but more some speculation of Akachi Decks by the end of Carcosa. I have to admit I play Agnes Baker as Mystic and not the Shaman... but that may change by the end of Carcosa as the card pool grow, and I'll try to explain why.

Where should I start ? Building efficient and polyvalent Mystics decks was really troublesome for me. They lacked staying power. Okay, you can use a Blinding Light or other one-shot spells to deal with monsters... but they are often very resource-intensive (around 3) and not reusable. My mystics decks ended relying a heck lot on Rite of Seeking (lvl4) to gather clues and Shrivelling (lvl3 ; lvl5) to kill ennmies. That wasn't enough so I get in Flashlight, Drawn to the Flame for consistency. In the case of Agnes, I tried to be less reliant on spells and more on her own power (just take those f*cking pills to ease your headache).

I didn't even give a shot on Akachi. 1 more use on spells ? Good, that delay their obsolescence. But that doesn't tackle the issue you need to get the spell. Having only 2 copies aren't enough. And you cannot even rely on your innate ability to do something without it. (Contrary to Agnes who will take drugs in that case.)

When it came to card pool, Akachi Onyele seemed waaaaaaay behind. No access to lvl0-2, no access to 5 splash cards. So, Akachi was definitely a no go for me. Until I saw the recent spoilers... Some new cards that Akachi can use since they are Spells ("use : charges") or Occult.

1/ Suggestion is a new way to make her untouchable. (8 escape unboosted, 6 if you won't use any charge). Plus, you can cancel up to 4 attacks that are dealt to her. Wow. Untouchable. What's more, it works well with Shrivelling : sometimes, you don't want to use charges to deal with a non-hunter monster. Getting out, quite for sure, without consuming any charge ? More please ! And if it is a Hunter ? The way suggestion works, it will give you plenty of time before you really need to take care of it.

2/ Arcane Insight is an upgraded version of Flashlight. For 1 more resource, you have 4 uses. And the -2 stays the whole turn, without costing any action ! You can even use it for teammates ! Too great to be true. It's not really a card for Seekers, that have insane ways for gathering clues... but it's a perfect fit for Akachi ! Use it once on a 2 or lower shroud, and you can gather up to 3 clues in that place this turn !

3/ If archaic Glyphs works the same as Strange Solution, we can expect something as powerful as Strange Solution later in the game. It might be a bit tricky to translate them, but once it's done... Let's gamble we will have some really good staying power... with charges !

So, okay, 3 new cards for Akachi that will make consistency. More cards to deal with monsters effectively, and more cards to gather clues. Good ! All spells with charges, that synergy with Akachi, even better. But... 4 different spells ? For 4 arcane slots ? Should we use that old and dusty Book of Shadows ? It seems a bit too expensive. So, we now have a different trouble : we are too rich when it comes to good staying-power spells ! I guess Akachi will see more plays in a near futur....

Palefang · 43
I have just played through The Dunwich Legacy with Akachi, and she was an absolute superstar... — Panzerbjrn · 16
Gah, why can't I hit Enter or Shift+Enter for a new line? So annoying... Anyway... Akachi was an absolute superstar, and consistently found synergies during games that were so handy. Her extra charge is obviously useful. After that, her Spirit-Speaker ability is absolutely amazing and until you've used it, you almost don't realise how powerful it is. Use your Rite of Seeking/Shrivelling/etc, take it back into your hand, and just use it again. Get Arcane Initiate & Scrying and you can mill through your deck to get your spells in no time. I regret bitterly that I overlooked how useful Astral Travel would be and never picked that one, but c'est la guerre... — Panzerbjrn · 16
Am I correct in thinking that Akachi can't play Archaic Glyphs, because it can only be upgraded from the basic version, and that version isn't Occult? — tbigfish88 · 13
Oh no wait, I just screwed up the search. Ignore me. — tbigfish88 · 13