Capitolo. Stage 3
Indizi: –
The Stranger must know the way out. You have to follow him!

While The Man in the Pallid Mask is not in play, the Lobby gains: ": Resign."

Forced - At the end of the round: Place 1 horror on each location with no horror that is connected to a location with horror.

Objective - If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

JB Casacop
La Strada per Carcosa #48. Cala il Sipario #8.
Curtain Call

Escaping the Theatre - Retro

The Stranger gives you a slight bow as he steps through the lobby's front entrance, opening a glass door that was not there a moment before. A sudden cacophony of noise erupts around you, and you fear that the building has only seconds before it is destroyed. You flee, crashing through the front doors and leaving the ruined theatre in your wake.

The investigators must decide (choose one):

- We have to warn the police about what's going on! (→R1)

- The police won't believe us. We have to solve this mystery on our own. (→R2)

Curtain Call

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