Incantesimo. Spirito.

Costi: 1. XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Veloce. Gioca solo quando un investigatore in un qualsiasi luogo pesca una carta sventura non debolezza.

Annulla la capacità Rivelazione di quella carta. Poi subisci 1 orrore.

Alexandr Elichev
L'Ascesa delle Stelle Nere #270.
Interdizione Protettiva

This is amazing for support Daisy as well as a god send for Norman who I have doing extensive write ups and experimentation with. Being able to skip them, which I have already been doing, and buying them at a manageable 2 exp even on solo to make room for level 0 staples opens so many doors. Pairing either Daisy or Norman with a guardian, OR William to run let me handle this... or how my friend and are running Yorick and Agnes... let me handle this, ward of protection, and 4 test of wills. Not to mention the new on the hunt card too for our duo...

The ability for seeker/mystic, mystic/survivor, guardian /anything to control the encounter deck have just become insane.

Carcosa expansions are DELIVERING.

aleanjir · 93
i agree that it's a really good card, but the that it's only 2 exp isn't really relevant for solo though. i'd rather just upgrade something else because the only thing you get for WoP (2) is the option to use it for another investigator. don't get me wrong; that's a very good ability for 2 exp, but it's useless for solo since all the other values on the base version are the same. even as a stepping stone to getting to WoP (5), i don't think it's worth it for solo though. if you save your experience or spend it now, there's no difference. — dr00 · 4
Note that this card cannot cancel an Encounter with a Peril keyword, since it is forbidden for team-mates to play cards until such an Encounter has been resolved. — Cluny · 38