Lord of Carcosa


Ancient One. Elite.

Combatti: 3. Salute: 9. Eludi: 3.
Danni: –. Orrori: 2.

Prey - Most remaining sanity.

Hunter. Massive.

If Hastur's attack deals you horror in excess of your sanity, you take 1 damage, as well.

While Hastur is being attacked or evaded by an investigator with no remaining sanity, treat each , "+1," "0," or "-1" token that investigator reveals as a token.

Stephen Somers
La Cupa Carcosa #333. Dim Carcosa #24.

I am always stumped when I see this card, because as much as this cycle toys around with the players, suddenly inverting difficulty levels at the very end of the campaign seems to be mean just for the sake of being mean. Players who choose the Easy difficulty setting may cruise through the campaign only to suddenly have to deal with 10 Autofails in a bag which is quite possibly an absolute showstopper. Harsh.

ratnip · 14
I guess... make sure you have sanity remaining? I agree, I also dislike this version. — cb42 · 23
I’m fine with it. The entire scenario is designed to be mean to you when you have no sanity remaining, it doesn’t hit that hard, has Combat 3, and there are other ways to damage it besides attacking. — Death by Chocolate · 14
If you are playing on easy and are still unable to beat the Carcosa campaign maybe it's time to reconsider your deck building discussions instead of blaming the designers! :) — Alogon · 448
*deck building decisions — Alogon · 448
I managed to kill him with my timeworn brand+reliable Leo in 7 rounds, while the others evaded him. — elenneth89 · 58