Costi: 3.
Icone Abilità:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Choose one of your skills. Until the end of your turn, set the base value of that skill to 5.

You never really know what you are capable of until something is trying to eat you.
Javier Charro Martinez
In the Clutches of Chaos #281.
Trial by Fire

This card is great for most survivors, particularly those with Achilles stats like Wendy’s fight, Calvin anything or Silas intellect or willpower. Combined with Leo de Luca, quick thinking or any number of other cards can give you 4-5 turns with a giant boost stat. Also ace of rods can give you extra turn with one test at 7! Watch Wendy crush the ghoul priest, Silas Hoover up clues or laugh at an encounter 4 test. Also Ashcan Pete and Calvin can prosper plus any other char that can take the spirit trait.

Agent 51 · 3