Scrigno del Portale
Mondi all'Interno di Altri Mondi


Oggetto. Reliquia.

Costi: 3.

Solo mazzo di Luke Robinson. Utilizzo (3 cariche).

Esaurisci lo Scrigno del Portale e spendi 1 carica: Disimpegnati da ogni nemico impegnato con te, cerca tra le tue carte vincolate la Soglia del Sogno (Viaggio Mirabolante), mettila in gioco e muoviti fino ad essa.

Robert Laskey
I Divoratori di Sogni #13.
Scrigno del Portale

Very surprised this card hasn't been reviewed.

Is this the best investigator signature card in the game? I don't know but its definitely up there.

You get to (3 times):

1) Move to any revealed location for free, if you let the game knock you out at the end of your turn.

2) Cancel/Dodge Enemy Encounter cards if you can Scrying, which should be a staple in your deck.

3) Auto Evade any amount of enemies, engaged with you.

4) Gather clues/deal damage/gather resources/help allies/create walls/move with Shortcut/and gather draw/resources in complete safety, using an event card.

5) Set up your assets mid-game without fear of reprisal.

That's a lot of value and flexibility for a signature care, add on IT STARTS IN PLAY. Some of the amazing signature cards may never come up in a scenario thus making them worthless, but this will always get value.

Finally if you can add Enraptured or Premonition + Recharge for even more value.

Sure It's no Duke or Family Inheritance nor is it Bury Them Deep, Dark Insight or Mystifying Song, but it's pretty goddamn close.

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