Icone Abilità:

Investi solo in una prova di abilità durante un attacco o un tentativo di elusione contro un nemico. Quel nemico ottiene Ritorsione e Allerta per la durata di questa prova di abilità. Dopo che questa prova è terminata, pesca 1 carta.

Colin Boyer
Alla Ricerca del Kadath #111.

Edit: shortened.

Great skill card for characters who have money and/or draw issues. characters take a lot of actions and resources to build a powerful combat engine and Daring will greatly help a Roland Banks or "Skids" O'Toole who are trying to branch out to do clues too still fight effectively despite empty pockets.

Note that the bonus applies to non-binary methods to fight and evade, making this card particularly interesting to characters that split their fighting capacity between and or or a character evading with . Case in point: Diana Stanley who might have Shrivelling in one hand and Enchanted Blade in the other or Finn Edwards who might have a Switchblade in hand and a Backstab in mind.

The Retaliate and Alert are rarely issues, since throwing a +3 at something is basicly a surefire way to pass a test.

Tsuruki23 · 1195
One minor thing to note is that this card does NOT seem to synergize with Double or Nothing, because you draw the card regardless of success. Hence not resolving the success twice. — 1337duck · 1

When committing Daring to a skill test, you still get the card draw even if you pull it back with Silas Marsh ability. Which means you can use Daring once per turn for free while also drawing a card!

Daring sets up a lasting effect on the enemy, and a delayed effect "after this test ends". So if you pull it back to your hand, you still get the card draw. Even when pulled back to the hand, the retaliate and alert still work, so be advised to procede with caution.

EdTheMad · 5
It would also synergize nicely with Silas' "box" signature assests, since both can pull all cards committed back to your hand.... Of course, that gets resource-intensive, and Silas tends to run lean, but.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 167

I like this card for Diana Stanley. It works with both standard weapons and spells that use willpower, and Diana can handle the occasional counterattack with her cancel cards. It is more flexible than the core set cantrip skills, which are their main weakness.

jmmeye3 · 355
I think this card is just great for every Guardian. The retaliate clause is just not a big downside when you're getting +3 to the test, and everything else about this card is sweet. I love that it can be a better Overpower most of the time, but it has the flexibility to work with non-Combat attacks. Plus, by letting Guardians evade, it's a nice answer to Vengeance enemies, Poltergeists, etc. — CaiusDrewart · 1847
Silas can also take it — Zinjanthropus · 93
For Diana it has also a nice combo with the 2 XP .45 Automatic. Because she can trigger the ignore, even if there is no true retaliate enemy around when she empties the gun. — Susumu · 1