Allenamento. Benedetto.

XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Investi solo in una prova di abilità che stai effettuando e solo se la difficoltà di quella prova è superiore al tuo valore di abilità base.

Dopo che hai investito il Signum Crucis in una prova di abilità, aggiungi X segnalini al sacchetto del caos dove X è la differenza tra la difficoltà della prova e il tuo valore di abilità base.

David Hovey
Orrore ad Alta Velocità #197.
Signum Crucis

This card is excellent in a Preston Fairmont deck, taking advantage of his base value of 1 in each skill. Since he's likely to be mitigating those with cards like Dark Horse and Lola Santiago, Preston can use this on a skill test that he's likely to pass and still put several tokens in the bag.

trgreiss · 81
Note also that base skill value is always 0 for Calvin. — StyxTBeuford · 12689
When Silas draws a willpower treachery he can commit this for a couple of blessings and then pull it back to his hand and do it again later. An Amanda with a lot of static intellect boots can tuck this under her ID to earn several blessing while investigating a tough location. — OrionJA · 1

Double Quick Learner + double Drawing Thin + Signum Crucis on a base shroud 4 for example adds 10-[base intellect] bless tokens(you might miss the fact that it's still comparing to your base value, your passive buffs or commited icons do not change this). Pretty sick.

And why would I wanna do this you ask? Because Ancient Covenant is extremely strong, and the more people in your team that can take it the more attractive this gets.

Erdjo · 294
And a mere 20XP +2x per Covenant! — MrGoldbee · 1218

Repeatable with Silas on high shroud locations for a steady stream of lots of bless tokens. Since it takes effect after being committed rather than after resolution, Silas can reap the benefit turn after turn. Maybe you'll even start succeeding on some of those investigates!

Graham · 108
High shrouds have a great test, but your team probably wants you doing something besides just adding tokens to the bag. And that might mean moving somewhere else. — MrGoldbee · 1218