Costi: 0. XP: 3.


Puoi scartare 1 supporto Incantesimo o Rituale che controlli. Gioca 1 carta Incantesimo o Rituale dalla tua mano o dalla tua pila degli scarti, riducendo di 3 il suo costo in risorse.

Quando il potere la pervase, fu scossa da brividi e spasmi.
L'energia dell'altro si fuse alla sua,
e aprì gli occhi discatto…
Antonio José Manzanedo
Le Chiavi Scarlatte, Espansione Investigatori #95.
Anima Liberata


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Extremely powerful card. For 3xp your Uncage the Soul gains the option to become

  • Recharge for spell and ritual assets in play
  • A Chance Encounter for spell and ritual assets already in your discard pile
  • Eidetic Memory for spell and ritual events in your discard (that also doesn't remove from game)

And retains the 3 resource discount on top of each of these modes!

Combine with a Double, Double and Farsight (which are also both rituals) to play two fast Storm of Spirits from your discard pile for free.

Also one of the commit symbols turns into a , but if you end up committing this card to a test you are very disappointed in the value lost.

mordequess · 30
I agree about this being a Recharge for Spell and Ritual assets. And it would be cool to combine Uncage the Soul (3) with Double, Double or Farsight, but those are level 4 cards that aren't Mystic so I don't think there are any investigators that can take both this and those. — waltercardcollector · 10
EDIT: And a risk-free Recharge at that. It can't overcharge your assets like Recharge can, but you always get to refill it back up to its starting uses, which is usually 3 or more anyway. — waltercardcollector · 10
There is Suzi that can do it. — Crazly · 164