Jim Culver Likes Skulls

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LethalPrognosis · 3

Heading into a solo Circle Undone campaign (second playthrough) decided to take Jim Culver and try to maximize the I see, that is the what I wanted to focus on in a deck for Jim and to leverage that into success on the key tests. Any advice, suggestions or thoughts on what works well and I might not have considered are quite welcome as I am not the most consistent with my deckbuilding. Thanks folks!


Sep 19, 2020 LivefromBenefitSt · 167

I'm not sure you have enough damage output to solo in TCU. There are some scenarios where you can get mobbed by enemies with disturbingly high health. I also like Read the Signs over Drawn to the Flame these days, but you might not have enough economy for that. Do you have a plan on how you will get Enraptured to land? A 4 skill test isn't the greatest; you can probably hit a low shroud location, but other tests may be hard.

Sep 20, 2020 LethalPrognosis · 3

Good call on Read the Signs, thanks for pointing that out! Enraptured is one that I had not really specifically planned out for use, I mostly included it for the extra intellect icons with a bonus effect for the odd times I put it down on an Investigate. Read the Signs does increase the likelihood of getting the bonus effect off. Damage output might be an issue as you point out, a Spectral Razor or two might help with that, I do plan on playtesting this version a bit before making some major adjustments. Thanks again for your input!