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KalĂ­n · 3

As you can see this is a deck focused on get the best from a Controled-Fail-Test. First and more ideal situation: You have Rabbit's Foot and Drawing Thin in play. You take an skill test of anything, get 2resources or 1 card from Drawing Thin, also asignate Take Heart obviously you "fail" the test and use Rabbit's Foot to draw a card, also get 2 resources and 2 card from Take Heart, get an extra action from Stella Clark's and then play Live and Learn to "try it again" with a +2 plus other skills, in this attempt you dont fail. Congrats now you have: +-2 extra Cards in hand (+3 -Live and Learn -X Skill cards) +4 resources, the prize for your successfully action and still 3 remnant actions.

Obviously this deck have other synergies like "Look what I found!" that alows to get 2 clues "free" with Drawing Thin or .18 Derringer + Live and Learn to make an attack with +5 after a Controled-Failure.

Upgrades: I think Relic Hunter its almost mandatory to have in play Rabbit's Foot and Grisly Totem at the same time to empower your skills and draw cards. Speaking of that... this Items are 2 great upgrades, specially Grisly Totem because it can recover Take Heart after a Failure.

Lucky! and Rise to the Occasion are always a good choice.

You can also take away Emergency Cache (since you have resource generation with drawing Thin and Take Heart) to put True Survivor this card is a great addition to refill your hand with skills since all of your's are "Innate".

Maybe you want some extra damage then you can put Miss Doyle to set the Stella base stat in 5.