Thoughts on ... true solo Sefina Rousseau (spell focus)

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Thoughts on ... true solo Sefina Rousseau

In this post I summarize my thoughts on Sefina Rousseau for true solo gameplay. This list is focused on spells and leans into the mystic part of Sefina, whereas the other deck list ( is more focused on and rogue cards.

Disclaimer: This deck was built using the revised core set and the following investigator expansions:

  • Dunwich Legacy
  • Path to Carcosa
  • Edge of the Earth
  • Scarlet Keys

The deck was tested using the Night of the Zealot campaign. I used standalone rules and experience levels of 9 xp and 19 xp for the second and third scenario, respectively, to simulate typical experience levels of longer campaigns.

Deckbuilding Guidelines

  • Sefina Rousseau has high and . Combined with her access to mystic cards, this makes her very resilient against the mythos deck. However, her low and scores make it difficult to take basic investigate or fight actions without the appropriate tools.

  • In order to make full use of Sefina's character ability at the start of the game I'd recommend including at least 17 event cards, not counting The Painted World.

  • Event cards offer great flexibility at the cost of long-term efficiency. Sefina usually requires more resources than other investigators and some core assets to cover basic clue-getting and enemy-management.

  • Typically, Sefina uses a lot of cards during her turn. Therefore, it is useful to include events and / or assets which allow you to draw cards. However, unfiltered drawing of cards leads to repeated activation of Stars of Hyades which robs you of your flexibility and causes serious damage should a scenario go on too long.

Card choices in detail

This deck makes use of Sefinas higher than average willpower score and leans heavily into her mystic side.


To ensure that an asset for clues and an asset for enemy management is consistently part of the opening hand of 13 cards, I chose to include three spells that cover each aspect. Holy Rosary is essential to boost her score as she struggles with more difficult enemies and locations with higher shroud values, otherwise. As an ally, I chose Leo De Luca. The additional action he provides is particularly useful when drawing events from beneath her investigator card. Lone Wolf supplies a steady stream of resources to cover our needs when paying for events over the course of the scenario.


Due to our focus on spells we can make great use of Uncage the Soul and Friends in Low Places. Emergency Cache provides additional resources. The rest of the event package helps with enemy management (Elusive, String of Curses), clue getting (Drawn to the Flame, String of Curses), and mythos protection. A single copy of Quantum Flux helps us reduce the chance of drawing Stars of Hyades when our deck becomes too thin.


Two copies of Guts and two copies of Unexpected Courage help us out for tests and protect us from the mythos.

Recommended upgrades

Both Brand of Cthugha and Divination are strong replacements for our spell assets. They further bolster our and offer more flexibility.

Ghastly Possession is an excellent replacement for Unexpected Courage. In addition to refreshing charges on our spell assets or providing a hefty boost to a skill test, it also has the spell trait which allows us to find it using Friends in Low Places.

Moxie replaces Guts later on and gives us both a boost and a way to soak health damage.

Finally, Sure Gamble replaces Delve Too Deep to ensure that we succeed on important tests.

Feel free to leave a comment below, I am happy to discuss this deck with you!