Figlia Dimenticata

Supporto. Ally


Costi: 4. XP: 3.
Icone Abilità:
Salute: 1. Sanità Mentale: 4.

Quando un nemico ti attacca, esaurisci Aquinnah e infliggile 1 orrore: Invece di subire i danni di quel nemico, infliggili a un qualsiasi nemico nel tuo luogo (subisci comunque gli orrori di quel nemico).

"Non avere paura di quello che vedi.
Devi avere paura di quello che non riesci a vedere."
Tommy Arnold
Oltre il Tempo e lo Spazio #308.

With experience comes insight. Gladly, you followed the path of meekness instead of suffering from an inflated ego, my sweet friend! Your new powers make you an invaluable ally for any survivor character which i can recommend without reproach, especially for solo play.

The additional cost of 2xp have to be put into relation to the additional effect that the upgraded version has. So let us have a look: play cost is cheaper by 1, there is an additional icon for skill test commitment and the reaction has lost it's targeting limitation.

The strongest argument for Aquinnah(3) is her upgraded reaction ability. In comparison to her basic version, at least one enemy must be present at your location to trigger the reaction. It is possible to reflect the attacker's damage upon itself, eventually killing it. Because damage and horror are applied simultaneously, the attacker's horror still lands. Another bonus of the enhanced effect is that it is not limited to the Enemy phase (Step 3.3) anymore. With her, you can now enter a location with a foe being ready and perform any action - it's Attack of Opportunity will trigger Aquinnah's reaction and kill it.

The Forgotten Daughter shows off in boss fights - reflecting an Ancient One's massive damage onto itself is nothing to sneer at! Together with a powerful combo, e.g. Will to Survive, in the subsequent turn, Aquinnah reliably turns the tide of the most ferocious battle into your favor!

Her only drawback is the one-time use restriction per round, which can solely be circumvented by Ashcan Pete.


  • On it's own, Aquinnah comes with some good sanity and can always be used as an expensive sanity shield.
  • With multiple enemies at your location, Aquinnah can kill one enemy before it attacks.
  • The redirected attack can target any enemy at that location, even if it is engaged with another investigator.
  • Activated by a reaction. She can reflect Attacks of Opportunity with it.
  • Does work on any type of attacking enemy, including Elite and Massive.
  • Can be combined with "If it bleeds..." and Evidence!.


  • Occupies the Ally slot. There is a huge competition for allies.
  • Aquinnah has very low health.
  • Triggering the reaction exhausts her, so it can be used only once per turn.
  • Ability does not work on spoiler.
Synisill · 239
This card, especially in Pete and especially how terrible rank 1 is, might be the card closest to broken in the game! :) — Quilzar · 5
And with Inspiring Presence this card got even better! :) — Quilzar · 5