Costi: 2.


Veloce. Gioca solo quando ti vengono assegnati danni e/o orrori che stanno per sconfiggerti.

Annulla fino a 4 di quei danni e/o orrori.

Mani callose e un cuore saldo erano tutto ciò di cui aveva bisogno.
Dual Brush Studios
Trame del Fato #111.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)

Q: Does Perseverance only cancel the damage/horror that would defeat you, or the entirety of the 'hit'? A: Perseverance would cancel up to 4 of the damage/horror just assigned to you, as long as any of that damage/horror would defeat you. Perseverance says: "Fast. Play when you are assigned damage and/or horror that would defeat you. Cancel up to 4 of that damage and/or horror.” It’s important to note that the first part just notes the timing and conditions under which the card can be played, whereas the second part is the actual effect. Let’s say you have 2 health remaining and are assigned 4 damage. Perseverance can be played in this instance, because the 4 damage you are assigned would defeat you. You then resolve the effect, which is to cancel the 4 damage. The effect does not say to cancel only the damage in excess of your remaining health; it just says “that damage,” referring to the damage that was just assigned to you.

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Hang in there Calvin! Help is on the way!

I love playing Calvin, but lets face it... it can be really hard to cling to life by the end game in some scenarios. Adding this to his toolkit helps him out immensely.

I think Wendy can also find some use for this as her weakness can sometimes hit her hard out of nowhere.

Ashcan Pete can like it, but usually is okay without it, like Yorrick.

Agnes likes it for when she is on the ropes.

and the upcoming Sylas Marsh really likes it due to his low sanity score.

Really the only bad thing I can say about the card is that it doesn't play well with Dark Horse due to its 2 resource cost.

But it is worth an include in many decks until you can upgrade into devil's luck.

Myriad · 1211
Also worth pointing out that, like Logical Reasoning, this has two willpower icons so it can take the place of Guts if you don't necessarily need the card draw. — The_Wall · 282
Silas also has Fearless (and Fearless-2) to protect him. Combined with teddy bears, this is less of a cert for him, though it is also good with Yoatl — duke_loves_biscuits · 1240
Is it up to 4 of each or total? — dominicjtriana · 1
I'm thinking total. — crymoricus · 233
And/or means you could take 4 damage and 4 horror and shrug it off. — Myriad · 1211
I have 3 HP and an asset that can soak 2 damages. If i'm taking 3 damages can I trigger this card effect ? — Baker · 4
If you assign all 3 damage to yourself you can use the card to cancel all of that damage on you. You could assign some to your soaks and then cancel just the remainder put on you, but there'd be no good reason to do that outside of something like Brother Xavier. If I understand the card right you could even take 4 damage, assign it all to you, cancel it all with Perseverance, and be left with 3HP and your soaks untouched. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
@Myriad. I know this reply is a year off, but here it goes: — goblinerd · 1
sorry for double post. I don't believe that's true. And/or simply implies any combination there of. The card says up to 4, so it means you can cancel any combination of damage/horror up to a total of four. — goblinerd · 1
It can still work with Dark Horse. You just need Madame Labranche too. You can have the two resources needed during the mythos phase, while still taking your turn broke. — Tilted Libra · 35

This works well for any investigator that needs to hang on with low sanity and/or health. The two willpower icons make sure that this is not a dead card even if you are doing well. Could replace Guts in some decks.

I played Perseverance in a solo Zoey Samaras deck with great success. Her 6 sanity isn't much, and a few failed Smite the Wickeds makes you weep. Would have saved me from spoiler, but another spoiler prevented playing it! As a thematic bonus the art kinda looks like Zoey.

wjr · 148