Costi: 0.
Icone Abilità:

Veloce. Gioca solo dopo che un investigatore ha scoperto l'ultimo indizio rimanente nel tuo luogo.

Gli investigatori in quel luogo ottengono un totale di X risorse, distribuite come preferisci, dove X è il valore di Oscurità di quel luogo.

"Quando hai eliminato l'impossibile, quello che resta, per quanto improbabile, deve essere la verità."Arthur Conan Doyle, "L'Avventura del Soldato Sbiancato"
Greg Bobrowski
The Secret Name #110.
Enigma Risolto

Great card! As a seeker, it rewards you for doing your job! Fast action is cool and it's a card for team players, you can fund your team on a high-shroud location. You could even replay it with Eidetic Memory I could see it very well in a Minh deck, she's always been a team player. But it's cool for a lot of investigators, Roland for exemple would welcome the extra cash. A great card indeed!

mogwen · 93
Yeah, it's indeed great for Roland! — matt88 · 605
Definitely a good card, but after piloting it for a while, can confirm that resource-hungry seekers (or Roland) would still need Emergency Cache to get off and running. Crack the Case is welcome even if it nets 1 credit, but I've had many turns with it sitting in hand and no way of efficiently investigating without resources... — Malgox · 4

Solid card. Have tried it in Joe and would recommend not putting it in the insight deck however. It doesn't benefit from the discount and it doesn't help you clear the clues thenlmselves, much better kept in hand so that he can use his other tricks to clear clues and then follow up with this as soon as possible.

The best thing about the card is that in solo it's always a good play regardless of the Shroud value, even 1 extra credit is an action saved and it scales from there. Since he's able to break Shroud 3-4 without breaking a sweat though this is a definite replacement for Emergency Chache in his decks.

skanedog · 10
Roland Banks also loves this card. His ability saves the action of getting the clue and this pays him for it; insane value. This card singlehandedly puts Roland's economy on par with the richer Guardians (Leo, Carolyn, Zoey). Sorry Mark; you're now officially the poorest Guardian. — SGPrometheus · 135
But Mark did get Act of Desperation to help refund midgame. — Death by Chocolate · 10
Mark probably needs the money the least as he has a base 5 fight and can punch above his weight when the chips are down. Act of Desperation gave him a way to gain some resources to keep fighting and well maintained means that he can keep the fight up. — Myriad · 584
What I love with this card is that it can be a solid support for the team. I think every Guardian will be happy to be gifted resources to play their expensive weapons! — mogwen · 93