Costi: 2.


Veloce. Gioca quando un nemico ti attacca.

Eludi. Tenta di eludere il nemico attaccante. Se hai successo, annulla l'attacco di quel nemico.

Lontano dagli occi, ma mai lontano dal cuore.
Adam Schumpert
Le Chiavi Scarlatte, Espansione Investigatori #69.
Fuga Rocambolesca


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Quick Getaway is a card that tries to do a bit of everything, and unfortunately falls flat. Let's go into some of its different aspects.

Cancels an enemy attack

Stops a monster from taking a nasty bite out of you. The problem is you pay 2 resources for a chance to cancel the attack. In comparison, Dodge costs one resource less, can protect anyone at your location, and guarantees the attack is cancelled. Dodge may be in a different class, but many fighting rogues (e.g. Skids, Tony, Jenny) are able to take Dodge anyway.

Grants you an extra action on your turn evade

This is useful for cards that care about how many actions you've taken e.g. Pay Day. EDIT: As pointed out in the comments, I believe this is not true.

However, you would need to play this during your turn, which usually means taking an AOO, which is something that can often be avoided to begin with. The bigger downside is that for this purpose, Quick Getaway is completely outclassed by Swift Reflexes, which can be used to do any action, including evading with an asset or event, and even has the same cost and icons.

Triggers on evade effects, including exhausting the enemy

This is a nice benefit compared to Dodge. With this, you can trigger all those on evade effects that you didn't get a chance to do earlier. The most common scenario is when a hunter enemy moves into your location. (since, if it was during your turn, you could have done a regular evade instead, and the card you are looking for is Swift Reflexes). When the friendly next door monster wanders in, you can immediately evade it, empty its pockets, shoot it in the face, stab it below the belt, and finish up by calling in the nice cleaning lady. This is a very nice play, and can save you some move actions if you play it right, leaving you free to spend your turn at your current location doing more ..profitable things.

Swift Reflexes cannot be played during the enemy phase, so this is one area Quick Getaway wins out, if you are planning an ambush tactic. But again, here it is completely outclassed by another card, namely Honed Instinct with the Killer Instinct upgrade. Honed Instinct may cost more xp, but just does the job so much better.

One niche that Quick Getaway has is that it can disable a hunting massive enemy before it attacks. Dodge will only cancel one of the attacks, while Killer Instinct cannot trigger, since massive enemies do not have a moment where they actually 'engage'. But you run the risk of drawing the and having the monster smack each investigator around. Moreover, hunting massive monsters are fairly rare. I would rather avoid the risk, and disable the monster during the player phase instead.

Trick traited

Finally, something that sets this card apart. All the usual synergies apply i.e. Crafty, Chuck Fergus and Rita Young

Which deck wants this?

Quick Getaway is a card that is an odd mix of Dodge, Swift Reflexes, and Honed Instinct. It tries to do a little bit of each card, but so inefficiently that you'd be better off taking those other cards instead. I normally like flexible cards, but this one doesn't make the cut. A conditional attack cancel is just very, very bad; evading during the player phase is much better because if you fail, your team still has other chances to neutralize the threat.

The saving grace is the Trick trait, and this makes it viable for Rita Young, who cannot take any of the other cards. Rita already has a built in on evade trigger, and is often strapped for actions. Together with Crafty and Dirty Fighting, you could put this card to good use, although I suspect it will get shuffled out with some XP. But without supporting cards, it is just not strong enough on its own; the effect is situational, unreliable, and the cost is prohibitive.

jemwong · 95
Yeah, it should cost 1 or 0 and probably keep the enemy exhausted through one upkeep phase. Even with Rita, its upside is limited by her ability being once per round rather than phase. — housh · 164
I'd run it in Monterey Jack, too, since he can end up easily drawing an enemy weakness at the end of his turn and nothing else can really react to that properly, at least in solo or if he's taking a turn last in higher counts. — SSW · 206
I don't think this counts as an extra action for the purposes of Pay Day or other cards (Take The Initiative, Calculated Risk). It's just a fast evasion test that is prompted by an enemy AoO which is prompted by an action you started to take. — ArkhamArkhanist · 9
After reading the card again, I think you are right about the action. I'll update the review. As for Monterey, Disc of Itzamna is an alternative, at the cost of the valuable accessory slot. Unless you are so unlucky as to draw into Silver Twilight Acolyte though, I'd probably just resign myself to tanking one hit. — jemwong · 95
Quick Getaway is probably the only piece of decent tech we have for enemies who are massive and ready themselves like Umordhoth and The Experiment. Do I take this card every time? No but I'll definitely adaptable it in for specific scenarios when I know there's an annoying enemy who can really mess me up who I can't deal with during the investigation phase. — bowzo · 122

So, here we have a card which gives you basicly "free action" for 2 resource if you can succeed on evade check reliably. Especially if you are playing with Kymani, then you can just ignore your monster and start doing your things, easily evaded the monster and then kill it with ability (And maybe some boost).

Nekron314 · 1