Costi: 2.


Parley. Choose an enemy at your location and test (X), where X is the chosen enemy's fight value. If you succeed, move 1 damage from your investigator to the chosen enemy (up to 2 damage instead if the chosen enemy is non-Elite).

What was yours is now mine.
JB Casacop
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #94.
Drain Essence


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The biggest upside to this card is ability to hit aloof enemies or enemies engaged with other investigators. The biggest downside to this card is the need to carry around some damage in order to be able to play it.

One good option could be use of Azure Flame (and of course then Azure Flame) as your primary attack spell. Azure Flame can be pretty risky for low health Mystics, but that risk can be mostly offset with this provided you have multiple enemies to take care of. Another option, to visit an old card, would be to take the Smoking Pipe and move some of the Mystic's horror (you know you've got some!) as a fast over to damage so that you can then offload it onto the enemy.

Time4Tiddy · 240
Or take "In the thick of it", if you can afford it (investigator you play doesn't have low health). — bugiel_marek · 17

This card is perfect for Parallel Agnes, especially in the first few scenarios. You can now safely run In the Thick of It and put the trauma to HP as you now have another reliable way to pseudo-heal (aside from Hallowed Mirror of course).

ichinokata00 · 388
Given the way timing works, I'm assuming || Agnes would take the damage first to use her ability, then immediately shift it to the enemy as an outcome of the spell. So she can self-fund and immediately heal, no trauma needed. — Time4Tiddy · 240