Supporto. Body

Item. Clothing.

Costi: 2. XP: 2.

Salute: 2. Sanità Mentale: 2.

Exhaust Hunting Jacket: Choose 1 non-weakness card in your hand and attach it facedown to Hunting Jacket (max 3 cards attached). Then, gain 1 resource for each attached card.

When Hunting Jacket is defeated: Draw each attached card.

Drazenka Kimpel
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #121.
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Q: Can we attach a card to Hunting Jacket when the max is already reached, discarding another attached card and gaining 3 resources? A: You can’t. Once three are attached, you can’t add more, so you can’t get the resources. No cycling due to the limit. It’s just a convenient way to stash cards. And particularly good for a forthcoming investigator.

Now, onto the review:

This card is one of my favourites of this new expansion:

  • It is a fantastic enabler of Dark Horse builds by giving your resources during your turn during a window.
    • Costing 2 is also really good for Dark Horse decks, with 1 resource coming Madame Labranche and the other from the Upkeep phase.
  • It is a great way to use cards that you have 2 copies of but don't intend to play, like 2 Peter Sylvestre, or even Dark Horse itself, which is limited to 1 per investigator, and turn them into resources.
  • 2/2 Soak on your body slot, at 2 cost, is already an excellent upgrade to the Leather Coat on its own, even for 2xp.

Special cards worth considering:

  • Dilemmas are limited to 2 per turn, so if you draw 3, one of them will turn into a dead draw. Fix this by attaching it to your Hunting Jacket.
  • End of the Road is designed to be a dead draw until the last scenario. Stash it to your Jacket for some resources and wait till it actually matters.
  • Pelt Shipment, of course, doesn't restrict your hand while it's on your jacket, and you can sacrifice it at the end of the scenario to benefit it without dealing with the negative aspect.
  • Devil will reward you with even another card for bombing your jacket.
  • Tommy Muldoon, of course, who nets 8 resources out of this beauty!

Altogether a really good card, good but balanced, and I am excited to play with it.

One last thing, though. You didn't think I would forget this line:

And particularly good for a forthcoming investigator.

So what will it be??? Is it for the next box or the missing parallel of this cycle?
Will it react with cards attached, like Backpack, Katja Eastbank... Defeating assets is already covered by the Rookie... Can it be a Dark Horse specialist who reacts when you gain resources during your turn?

Valentin1331 · 56200
Wendy wants it to trap cards away from her Weakness. — MrGoldbee · 1402

Love this jacket. I created a Charlie Kane deck with lots of animal companions to go with my Rod of Animalism, and despite organizing my allies around animals and a few low-cost people, I was still having money troubles. Then, mid-campaign, I picked up the jacket. NOT ONLY is it extra soak - which I need because I now start every game at 4 & 4 due to trauma - but with sufficient card draw and a few turns, it's a gain of 4 resources. Plus, I get to say that I'm shoving birds, cats, dogs, and people inside my coat and popping them out when the coat inevitably falls apart XD

BeanofGlory · 16