Tattica. Improvvisato.

Costi: 1.

Puoi giocare Improvvisare dalla tua pila degli scarti. Se lo fai, rimescolalo nel tuo mazzo dopo averne risolto gli effetti.

Indaga. Riduci di 1 il valore di Oscurità del tuo luogo in questa indagine. Se hai successo e hai giocato Improvvisare dalla tua pila degli scarti, scopri 1 indizio aggiuntivo.

Borja Pindado
Abissi di Yoth #272.

This is to Investigation what Improvised Weapon is certainly not to combat.

A -1 on investigate checks is largely equivalent to a +1, and +1's on investigating tend to be regularly useful, moreso then fighting since failed investigate checks rarely have the same repercussions as failed fights.

The kicker is the + 1 clue, this mechanic is so very hard to come by, multi-clue pickup is rare and powerful, and the audience that has access to this card will appreciate it! Wendy Adams can drop the card initially for her ability and just cash in for the clue benefit. The other dudes, despite their lower stats, can still play this card on 1 difficulty locations to trick up clues just as they would with "Look what I found!". Out of faction Minh Thi Phan can play this alongside Deduction to hit impressive clue gathering speed and Finn Edwards might even give it some though.

Wendy Adams and Finn Edwards can even combo Winging It with Double or Nothing to net 4 clues!!

Unlike Improvised Weapon where the first play of the card is rather iffy, there is actually an extra bit of usefulness for this card, you can lower a 3 difficulty location to 2 difficulty, putting it into the "Look what I found!" combo sweetspot like a Flashlight would. This greatly extends a character's ability to gather clues, especially if said character has their hands full with a Baseball Bat, Ornate Bow or the like.

Is this card better then Deduction? Probably not, but it's good for what it's made to do, surprisingly flexible, and a fresh source of multi-clue gathering.

Tsuruki23 · 384
This card unlike most clue gathering cards such as deduction does NOT have the restriction of gaining the extra clue from your location. This card will allow you to gather a clue from a location without any clues on it. In that regard i believe it is a very strong card as you can use it on an already low shroud location or clue depleted locations and unreliability do this more than once. — Roarket · 1
@Roarket: I am very skeptical that that is how this card works. That seems extremely unlikely to me. — CaiusDrewart · 1036
Honestly i think its an oversite or typo but thats how the card reads when put side by side with cards like deduction or look what i found. Seems quite strong being able to get a clue that is not from your location. — Roarket · 1
Absolutely an oversight though. it would make this card outshine Seeking answers so dramatically that you'dd wonder why they even printed it in the first place. — Tsuruki23 · 384
Also, Mark can take this card since it's a tactic, which when you add in a use of Sophie effectively ups his Int to 5, which is more than enough to lift a clue from 2 or 3 shroud locations. Pair it up with Mark's beloved Key of Ys (once it get's online) and you have a two action combo that can lift 3 clues off a location WITH MARK. I mean, you could even put a single copy of this in your deck and attach it to Stick to the Plan, although that might be a suboptimal use of a slot. My personal Mark build probably needs Extra Ammo, Always Prepared and Cache in there too much. — Apologised · 1
Agreed. Absolutely an oversight. It is the only player card mentioning discovering clues that doesn’t clarify where it is from, but it certainly isn’t from the clue bank since ‘discover’ means move a clue from a location to an investigator. Cards that move clues from other places (Such as in The Last King or at the Clover Club Cardroom) use different language. — Death by Chocolate · 10
While the investigate action allows you to discover one clue from your location, player cards allow you to modify what the investigate action does. Cards allow you to do various things such as gain an extra clue or instead gainng resources (ie burglary). Thus this card does not specifiy where the clue must come from but simply that you are to gain the extra clue upon success. — Roarket · 1
Go read p6 of the rules under "clues". "If an investigator discovers a clue, he or she takes the clue from the location". You are dead wrong @Roarket, and ALSO forget the Grim Rule wouldnt allow it anyway. It doesn't matter how the investigate action is changed when its the terminology of discover that you need to revise on. — The_Wall · 107